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Beyond Green (2 CEUs) (BIGBG)


This course is made up of 7 Modules. To earn the 2 CEUs, you must complete all 7 Modules.

Module 1: Green Building Fundamentals:
Do you really understand all the factors that make a home "green" and why it matters? In response to growing concerns about our health and our environment, homebuyers, realtors, home builders, and contractors are beginning to recognize the importance of quality construction, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, environmentally sensitive landscaping, and walkable neighborhoods. By watching this online video, you will be able to clearly and effectively articulate to your clients what a “green home” is and the benefits of having one.

Module 2: How to Define Comfort:
What does it mean to be “comfortable” in a home? This module will discuss the various aspects that go into the definition of thermal comfort as well as provide the reasons behind the building improvements used to help improve comfort for most people and why those changes can have multiple benefits beyond comfort.

Module 3: Building Science Basics:
What can homeowners do to make their homes more comfortable? This module will discuss the importance of a Home Energy Audit. It will also discuss how to implement the 5 strategies that will provide the most cost effective means to improvement comfort in a home.

Module 4: Financing, Renovation Mortgages:
Did you know that a home can be purchased and renovated at the same time with no money down? In this module, we’ll explore financing options that will give homeowners flexibility on how much home they can afford. We will also explore the renovation mortgage, which allows homeowners to roll their renovation costs right into their primary mortgage at the time of purchase.

Module 5: Financing, Energy Efficient Mortgages:
In this module, you will learn more about how homeowners can get more buying power by taking advantage of an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). We will learn what an EEM is and why they should be recommended to homeowners.

Module 6: Forming the Green Team:
Learning about green building, comfort and the types of financing that can help homeowners improve their home is crucial. In this module, we will discuss the team of professionals that can help bring it all together: The Green Team! We will discuss who the members of the Green Team are and what can they do to help homeowners make their homes more “green.”

Module 7: Health & Wellness:
According to the EPA, the air in a new home can be ten times more polluted than outdoor air! We will learn in this module how housing and health are related. We will also learn more about the seven principles of a healthy home and the actions homeowners can take to improve their health.

*After purchasing this course, it will only be available to you for six (6) months*

  • Module 1: Video - What makes a home Green
  • Module 1: Quiz
  • Module 1: Resources
  • Module 2: Video - What defines thermal comfort in a home
  • Module 2: Quiz
  • Module 2: Resources
  • Module 3: Video - The 5 steps to making a home comfortable
  • Module 3: Quiz
  • Module 3: Resources
  • Module 4: Video - Exploring Renovation Mortgage products
  • Module 4: Quiz
  • Module 4: Resources
  • Module 5: Video - Exploring the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)
  • Module 5: Quiz
  • Module 5: Resources
  • Module 6: Video - Building your "Green Team"
  • Module 6: Quiz
  • Module 6: Resources
  • Module 7: Video - What it takes to make a Healthy Home
  • Module 7: Quiz
  • Module 7: Resources
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed